Sunday, September 2, 2007

I have been interested in improving motorcycle mileage since 1967. My first fairings allowed me to tour cross country on my Yamaha 250, a bike that was considered to be too small for cross country touring.

Today I continue to be interested in high mileage motorcycles and am developing cross country equipment for my 650 KLR and my 225 Serow. On this blog, I will report to you what I am trying and the results. I invite you to participate. We can learn and share together.


s.a. said...

Hello Craig!, i'm gad to see the blog and look forward to see what you have to say.

I have given the blog a little plug on my own own bike blog: when you ge the time check it out.

I had the pleasure of working on a friends Mystery Ship sometime ago (it has now since changed hands)..but it was believed to be one of Malcom Forbes..
stunning bike and it went like a rocket!



Unknown said...


Congratulations on your new blog! I'm looking forward to more of your thoughts.

I should have a copy of Legendary Motorcycles for you in a few weeks. Your chapter looks awesome!


Craig Vetter said...

I will be alternating between the KLR and my Serow. 225cc puts out 20 hp which is far more than is necassary for 65 mph. Beginning mileage is 70 mpg, riding it hard, everything stock. What will the addition of my new high mileage touring fairing do to a 225 Yamaha?

I'll let you know.


Unknown said...

Craig, I had (1967-1970) a 160 Honda and added a Vetter fairing in 1968. I have always regretted giving that bike away (long story). It was a great bike and a great fairing.

Recently I bought a 1971 BMW R60/5 with a Windjammer fairing. This seems to be a good combination also.

More later as I get more bike time behind this fairing.


Slick said...


I'm a big fan of economy... but my approaches are totally different from yours... decreasing friction, increasing cooling, improving ignition, improving air flow and removing friction generating materials.

Mind you I don't get the kind of mind numbing economy figures you do... but the approach would only enhance your own efforts.

I'm currently exploring the possibility of using HOH gas as an adjunct to fuel.

Like you I'm a big fan of singles. My current bike is an XT600.


Duck said...

Thanks for starting this timely blog. I'm another long-time enthusiast - Vetter fairings on '69 Kawasaki 500 and BMW R75/6.

Have you considered any new fairing designs that would cover the top of the front wheel (dustbin)?


Nest of Dragons said...


I would like to know your opinion about high mpg vehicles. In our country you are allowed to ride 120 km/h (about 80 mph). I ride a microcar (Secma) that is just able to do that. I would like to try to create a two-or three wheeled vehicle within the same thought. It would be better to get through trafficjams. But ... having the topspeed as high as the allowed speed, is that good or do you want to see some extra available power? In other words ... a more powerfull engine.

hympg said...

Thanks for setting up this blog. It is great to be able to exchange ideas on this subject with others of similar interests.

I think the fairing that you made for the Streamliner is a great example. Are you planning to make a similar one for this effort?

EVguru said...

As a Morini rider I'm used to getting at least 65 to the imperial gallon from a 350, 80-110 from a 250 and nearly 130 from a 125 single. Even ringing the neck of the 3 1/2 Sport around Cadwell Park, I can't get it down below 40mpg!

I've just built an electric motorcycle (Cagiva Freccia C9) and immediately sold it to build the next, better one.

Ultimately I want to build a better presented and more strongly built version of Cedric Lynch's FFEV and